London Vacation

londonHi again Steve, I know I just bombarded you with some fun facts about Perth, but I also want to inform you of the awesome vacation your sister and I are going to take.  We’re planning a trip to London.

It is going to be so much fun, too bad you’re stuck in class and can’t come with us.  I know it won’t be as fun as we went hostel hopping through Europe, but I think it will still be a lovely time.  Jane has been doing a ton of research and is trying to organize everyday with the most sightseeing opportunities possible.   [Read more...]

Facts about Perth

Perth CityHi Steve, I want to tell you a little big about what’s going on in Perth.

Perth is the capital of West Australia, I know you knew that one but I’m starting off easy. Perth was founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling, it was meant to become the administrative centre of the Swan River Colony. My new, lovely city got its name from Perth, Scotland.

Perth’s population skyrocketed during the gold rushes of the late 19th century. Before Europeans colonised the area it was home to the Whadjuk Noongar people. They lived here for over 40,000 years. They were hunters and gatherers. [Read more...]

Getting our Business Valuation done in Sydney

business valuations SydneyHey Grant, you bloody galah.  I have enjoyed your updates, and yes, the Christmas plans sound fine, except for the taking a week off of work part. I’ll even clean the linens like you requested, even though no one has slept in that room for two months.

I can’t just take time off of work.  I know that you think owning a company must be so easy, but I don’t give myself time off and even if I have a day off, I just sit around and think about my business. That’s the problem with owning a business; it’s all you ever think about.

Besides, the week that you’re coming, is the same week that I have a meeting with Valuator.  “What is a Valuator, I’m so stupid. I just sit around and make sales all day in Perth.”  I know Grant. I know how you are.

Valuator does business valuations in Sydney.   Can you figure out why I may need a business valuation? It’s because my partner and I are planning on selling the business! We’re both looking forward to selling it off and starting something new.

I’m sure you and Jane will be able to be lazy and stink up my house while I’m dealing with my business transactions.  We hope to have it sold by mid-March, so we have to move quickly. Time is money, mate.

I’m thinking about opening a restaurant, but it’s not really in my wheel house, and really Sydney is filled with restaurants.  Maybe I’ll just start another software company, it’s what I know, but it’s just so boring.

What I think I’m actually going to do after the business is sold is take a month and travel.  I’m thinking about going to China and visiting some distant relatives.  I need to practice my Cantonese, but I should be able to wing it. Maybe I’ll find some inspiration while I’m on my travels.

I may even move to Perth in order to harass you more. I’m just kidding about that though, I would never move to Perth. Maybe I’ll just stay in China and do China things.  I’m not exactly sure what I would do, maybe I’ll invest in a tea company. I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

Coming Home for Christmas

Christmas trees SydneyHi Steve!

Jane and I are coming back to Sydney for Christmas. We decided that we’ll be staying with you; I hope that’s okay with you.  Just kidding, you don’t get a vote. That’s the problem with your best mate marrying your sister; it’s always two against one when it comes down to a vote.

We have several requests before we come and stay with you.  First of all we’ll be flying in December 20th at 5 am.  I know that’s early, but I’m sure you’ll be able to pick us up on time, right? If not, we can make other arrangements, but we would be disappointed. We’ve been missing you and we’re really excited to see you again.

We decided that we’ll make all the food while we stay with you, and if we go out we’ll cover the bill, as a way to say thank you.  Since we’re paying for everything you should take that week off of work.

Please make sure you wash the bedding in the guest room.  I know how disgusting you are.  They probably haven’t been washed for a year. Also, make sure you at least pick up a little, and light a candle.  Seriously mate, you’re kind of gross.

Please order the Christmas tree from Christmas Tree Man they deliver Christmas trees in Sydney.  They have the best looking trees.  I know you have an artificial tree down in storage, but artificial trees are ugly, and I would prefer a real one. Don’t be cheap mate.

I found a list of recipes for Christmas dinner.  We could probably skip the ham and just make the roast turkey, or we can do it the other way around. It really depends on how many people you plan on inviting.

Jane says she’ll tackle the mango and coriander chutney, Frangelico steamed pudding, and the mini Christmas cakes.  I’ll make the prawn and avocado salad, orange and marmalade roast turkey with cranberry stuffing, saffron and safe baked potatoes, and the sautéed green beans with pistachios.

I know that it seems like a lot of food, but between you, your new girlfriend, Jane, me and your parents I think that it will be just right.  Even if we have extra we can just eat them for the next couple of days.

We won’t be leaving until January 2nd.  I think we should have a New Year’s party.  What do you think? We can have all our best mates there, it will be awesome. It will be like the farewell party we never had.

Well, it’s getting really late here so I better head to bed.  I have to wake up early tomorrow morning for a meeting.  I hope you’re doing well. Let me know your thoughts on the Christmas plans.